For eight days this coming summer, from July 21-28th, we will be hosting our first CUSF Music Retreat at Rampart View Ranch.

This summer retreat will provide choral training for youth and adults with the purpose of bringing the gospel to a wide audience through music. Participants must by at least 12 years old. We will be performing a public concert, as well as partnering with 21st missionary to create a high quality music video featuring the assembled choir for online missionary outreach. The cost for this program will be $150.00, which will cover transportation (while in Denver, Colorado), all meals, lodging, and all event expenses.

The music retreat will be held in Rampart View Ranch, Sedalia, CO. The concert will be held in Hampden Hall, Englewood, CO.


Do not miss this opportunity!

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Location: 250 Rampart Range Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135

Phone: (916) 634-5333